Tuesday, August 21

Interiors [classy bathrooms]

In a home, every room matters. You may think that the bathroom is a throwaway place, in which case you've probably never been in an amazing bathroom, like some of those below.

Another great thing about bathrooms is that a little goes a long way- in smaller rooms, you can make smaller (and cheaper) changes. A new frame around your mirror might entirely change the look of the room, and a new paint color can have big impact. If you have a favorite wallpaper, now's the time to give it a try- you could do a whole room with one roll. 

Here are some of my favorite bathrooms lately. I favor bold wallpapers, dramatic color schemes, and interesting mirrors and art. Bathrooms are at their best when they are more than just a bathroom- throw in a rug, a comfy chair, a plant, a portrait.

AD Espana
Katie Ridder
Marta Torello
Shawn Henderson
The Decorista
Design Stiles
Jo Kornstein

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