Friday, August 3

Link it up.

Guys, this post was ready to go but didn't go live! My apologies. Hope everyone had a great weekend (I did, I'll de-brief you all tomorrow), but in the meantime here are some cool things I wish I could take credit for this week.

Interesting read of the top ten relationship words that aren't translatable to English. Now I know that the technical word for my favorite physical touch is Cafuné (yes please).

Ron Weasley stars in his first ever music video. Not really. But kindof. This guy is UNBELIEVABLY talented, in my opinion- worth a listen (and it has nothing to do with HP, you haters).

Have any of you tried freezing meals that can then be dumped into a slow cooker? It saves money (buying in bulk) and time (one marathon of chopping and measuring). Check it out, I'll be doing this all fall.

Speaking of food, just discovered this blog, and I think it's the perfect combination of intelligent writing, great content, and thoughtful photography.

And finally, I am looking at two weeks of non-stop travel: Boston to NYC to Chicago to DC. Phew! Desperately wishing I had one of these babies to get me through it. Anyone here a proud owner? Get 25% off from Capitol Hill Style, too.

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