Thursday, August 23

Discover: Roadtrippers

Who's down for a road trip? Only if I have good music, good books, and the opportunity to find giant paperclips and creepy museums!

I've reviewed enough books to get you goin', and we all have Pandora, so let's discuss large-scale kitchen items and museums that have no right to exist, shall we?

Enter Roadtrippers. I am personally planning on this changing my life. Basically, it looks like Google maps. Enter in your starting point, your finish point, and then get ready for the magic. 

See all those little pinpoints along the route? You can select interest categories for relevant stops (fscenic points, tourist attractions, sport venues, fine dining, etc), and they plot them out for you! They'll even project mileage and fuel costs, a helpful tool particularly if you're driving to areas where you are unfamiliar with the cost of gas (pretty much any road trip ever). You can even say, "don't take me more than a few miles off my route please, I'm a tourist on a mission," and voila: Convenient attractions pinned! I'm planning on sprucing up my next DC to Boston drive (J, you with me??)

Thanks to PureWow for continuing to bring some Wow to my inbox. So worthwhile.

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