Thursday, August 2

Discover: Slobproof!

Guys, this product is genius. Anyone heard of Slobproof???
"Essentially a space-efficient alternative to holding on to old paint cans, the Slobproof! pen lets you store a small amount of color for easy, mess-free touch-ups."

Wait wha?? A fantastic idea! I've already lived in 3 places since college, and of course each one needed to be painted and decorated differently, meaning I already have enough cans of paint to build a fort. Now, I wouldn't recommend throwing out your paint- even after painting our huge room, D and I still have half a gallon left of our favorite moody teal. I would, however, fill up one of these little markers with the paint and keep it somewhere convenient while moving the full paint gallons into storage.

Here's another paint storage idea I LOVED- originally from Brooklyn Limestone and seen again on my beloved Centsational Girl, try transferring your half-used paints into cute, smaller tins with pretty labels. Not sure this is worth it for me yet, but I'll bookmarking it for the future.

Mrs. Limestone up there even has a download for her labels, so generous and so lovely! Let me know if you try this.

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