Friday, August 24


Here are some beautiful things or creative ideas I've been admiring this week.

First of all, this is the image I'm bringing to the makeup artist for J&R's wedding this fall. Classic beauty, punchy lip color (it's Tom Ford in Wild Ginger, fyi). Fun fact: Kate and I BOTH have different colored eyes AND she grew up like, 15 minutes from where I did. Something in the water, no?

Tom Ford clothing, lip make up
This room, recently featured in Vogue, is a great representation of white walls but plenty of color. I love all the mid-century chairs, the over-dyed rug, the massive wall art, the tulip tables, the navy and magenta color scheme...all of it delicious.
I'm going to be the coolest mom (or roommate) ever by doing this someday! Picture them all tumbling into your room on your fun. Then you have to claw your way out, also fun.

Balloon Surprise
Lovely quote from Galileo. Some people get all the talent.

And finally, isn't this a helpful little graphic? Bring it with you the next time you hit the store for a wine and cheese party. Maybe you should host one this weekend. And invite me.
Wine Inquirer

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