Sunday, January 27

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Friday again? We are just too lucky.

Before I tell you all the things I loved this week, I wanted to make a comment about comments. I see them, I love them, but just a week or two ago I realized a bug where I can't reply to them. It's driving me NUTS because I'm very appreciative of the 3 of you that comment. I'll get back to you when I can, my lovely sister and cousin and college friend and boyfriend and Casey (whose blog you should really check out).

Jgold the great left a comment saying that when I post regularly, she feels like we've had a conversation. I think most people feel that way- I certainly feel communicative when I read other bloggers' work. You get insight into their life, what they're working on, where their head is at. It has only been since I started writing myself that I've realized this feeling is one sided: if you never comment, I never know you reacted to my post. Heck, I don't even know you read it (unless I quiz you on the day's post, which I only do to my roommates). I don't feel remotely connected to you, individually, because you have not identified yourself as an individual. You're just a (small) mass of readers that I equally adore.

Make sense? Basically, what I'm saying is, if the conversation-you-feel-we-had was interesting, funny, or downright annoying, you should tell me (via comment, email, carrier pigeon, or the BEST, in person), so the sense of having connected can go both ways.

On to more interesting stuff:

After my post on the most epically awful words (I'm actually serious, you'll literally die) I was reminded of how much we all like words. I had at least 3 friends mention that post, which makes me think you like words, too. To that end, I loved these last words of 16 great men. Inspiring, moving, and funny.

You know I'm a reader, and you know I loved Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. I was psyched to see this article on Gillian's Week In Pop-Culture Consumption. What a cool idea for a feature...wish I'd thought of it.

At the Gibson this weekend, J had a cocktail using gin and St. Germain. I've only ever used my bottle of the elderflower liquor with wine and lemon, as I had it at P.O.V. Now I see there are SO many more options, and I'm loving them all.

Really enjoyed this. Really. I've been thinking I could do New York some day, and things like this confirm it.

I'm going to throw a sequins and bowties party and you're all invited (but only if you comment, ha ha). Is this the adult version of the ever-ubiquitous college golf-pros-and-tennis-hoes party?? Sign me up!

It's college throwback weekend for me: a Loyola game watch happy hour in DC, a trip to Bmore to see some lovely friends, and a housewarming for my old roomie. Hopefully plenty of naps, too, before I head back to the Big Apple. Enjoy the cold!

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