Wednesday, January 2

Holidays Revisited

Rather than extensive writing on my past 2 weeks, here are some images that sum up my season. Can it be December 20th again? I don't know about you, but I'd be willing to do it again. In fact, I'm a bit depressed about the fact that it's January, probably because I haven't built up any momentum for the new year (gotta think out some resolutions this weekend and get my head around 2013).

a craft from my sister: oranges studded with cloves
family pooch is not loving tree decorating
serious bowage on our christmas presents
dicing chocolate for dessert
mexican chocolate mousse with burnt rum
christmas morning with my beautiful sibs
our advent wreath
a somewhat white christmas in massachusetts
down to Sarasota, FL for some QT with D's family
best sea lion show EVER at Mote
amazing fishies at the aquarium

a little chilly at Siesta Key beach
but a beautiful sunset
palm trees swaying in the breeze
chin chillin at Myakka national park
bridge that looks scarier than it is
That's the update for now, but tomorrow I'm sharing details of our New Years Eve party (totally fun, creative, stressful, expensive, worth it). Here's a little taste until then...

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