Thursday, January 3

New Years Eve Party!

New Years Eve, reputably the most over-rated and consistently disappointing holiday ever. So I've been told.

My friends were debating which uber-expensive DC event to attend when D floated the idea of us having people over to club 907 (our apartment) for a low-key, boozy, classy party. It was a good option, considering we can host a bunch of people and D makes a mean cocktail. Suddenly D and I were wondering how to throw a party that wouldn't embarrass us with less than 24 hours to plan (we didn't land from FL until 8pm on the 30th). We are obviously over-achievers.

What followed was a whirl-wind December 31st as I cleaned, shopped for decor and food, cooked, baked, decorated, stressed, and ultimately had a blast. We would (and will) definitely do it again, mainly because our friends are amazing and appreciative and made the night perfect. But maybe next time I'll get Chick-fil-a to cater and order a keg so I can kick back and enjoy the last day of 2012. I'm putting that in the hat for next year's party. Seriously.

As I shared yesterday, we decided to go with 3 classic cocktails at the bar: The Millennial Manhattan, the Celebration Side Car, and the New Years Negroni. 

We also had some Lemon Ball Drop Punch (recipe courtesy of Miss Martha) made with champagne and vodka. Add in the Sam Adams holiday sampler, a few magnums of wine, and 20 bottles of champagne, and you've got yourself a party!

D was bartender, which I think he enjoyed. Next time we'll probably do more prepared cocktails- he loves making drinks, but I know some friends felt bad keeping him busy. The punch was easy, as it was pre-made.

D was on the drinks, I was on the food. We went with a pretty simple menu of appetizers: veggie platter, caprese salad skewers, chips and salsa, buffalo chicken dip, pigs in a blanket, mini meatball subs, crab cakes, baked brie, and a cheese and charcuterie platter.

To keep things clean (and for the style), I covered all the tabletops with brown craft paper leftover from wrapping presents and wrote the menu down. It helped me organize things before the party, reminded me when something was missing, made for super easy cleanup, and looked fun.

Decor was simple. I picked up some discounted silver and gold decor at target earlier in the day (SUPER on sale, for real) and used basic string lights and garland. I did pull out the paper trees I made last year: you can buy cardboard cones at Michaels, which I then covered with circle hole punches. Easy and cute, and they held up great in storage.

By 10pm I think I was fully relaxed and enjoying the party, but until then I was worried about everyone's food, drink, etc. I had to go help D at the bar before midnight, because he is lazy and the people needed their champagne!!

After midnight, we wanted to see DC lit up and catch some fireworks, so we headed to the roof...but then we got stuck in the elevator for 10 minutes. True story. We even called the emergency button and spoke to someone, but then the guys realized we were only a few feet down from a floor so they pried the doors open and we all climbed up. It was actually scary and I'd rather not talk about it anymore.

When we came back down, I served up some Georgetown Cupcakes that I couldn't resist buying, as well as some peanut butter cookie dough balls dipped in chocolate and an assortment of berries. We continued to eat and drink and enjoy ourselves for a few hours, then D and I drunk cleaned up and went to bed until 4pm the next day. Epic sleep in for the new year.

So how was your new years eve? Anyone else host a party?

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