Thursday, January 24

bag it up [InstaWATCH]

Two bag it ups in a row? So much for my resolution to spend less (though I haven't pulled the trigger on this one just yet).

Are you appreciative of instagram, but find yourself sometimes wondering what you'll DO with all those small-scale, perfectly square, artistically filtered images? 

(When I googled, Decor8 answered this question pretty thoroughly, and you should check it out; I've heard of Prinstagram, I've seen the custom iPhone cases, I've laughed over the tiny books of images, but even she hadn't posted this gem yet!)

Wonder no more. I recently discovered InstaWATCH by May28th, and I think it's fun and cheeky and cheap enough to justify. It links up to your Instagram account, you select a watch band color, and bam. Order. Done.

Look, here's one I did of Brooklyn Bridge from an Instagram:

Isn't that cool? It's a plastic watch, and a plastic face, so I'm not saying it's the Michael Kors you've been saving for...but at $44, it's a bit more reasonable. I really prefer the landscape ones- I think it would be weird to look at myself or my friend all day, but some people have done a good job with it. Here's one I did of a Boston landmark (kinda) to show you a bit more color:

You can upload photos not from Instagram as well, in case you're not a user (for shame!) or if you prefer photos sans filter. I uploaded a shot from my Dropbox to try:

Love it. I'd rep my hometown lighthouse all DAY.

Let me know if you decide to indulge...they also have cute watches with more generic designs (think graphic prints, bright colors) that are just $20 today with the code luckydaily3.

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