Wednesday, January 23

bag it up [January Birchbox]

It's been awhile since I've done a Birchbox bag it up, and we've gotten some interesting items.

As I look over my budget in preparation for massive savings in 2013 (a girl can dream), I've been trying to decide whether or not to keep the big B. I did a good deal of research into other companies that send beauty products via the mail, and found all of them to be wanting. Some cost too much (one as much as $40, for that price I'll go for the booze), some sent full-size but oft-disliked products, some don't sell the products or have a reward system, and on and on. While I do occasionally get annoyed by the overall value of my Birchbox in terms of products (like the time we got coasters, or fancy ziplocks, or stick-on eye liner), the real value is in the chance to experiment with different companies and products and the option to receive money for your reviews, which in turn fund the purchasing of full-sized products in the store. I've decided I can still afford $10 a month, I appreciate their smart business plan (lead by HBS grads, no less) and I like that they were the first on the market.
Clark's Botanicals Marine Creme- like this one a lot. Especially with my travel, I like getting daily-use products that are typically liquid in small sizes, like face wash or moisturizer. They seem to think 

Kerastase Thermal Protection Cream- also appreciated this, which I got a few of. Use a small amount to protect hair during a blow dry. I appreciate the fact that it didn't make my hair greasy, even with my infrequent hair washing. It smelled nice, and a little goes a long way: I've gotten 5 uses out of one little packet so far.

Frownies Eye Gels- very interested to try, but haven't yet. Apparently they're multi-use eye masks? Like cucumbers for your eyes, without the produce and prep work. I'll let you know how it goes.

The Bomb Put a Lid On It- I got a blush from The Bomb Cosmetics last month, which I liked, so I was happy to see another from their line. This is an eye shadow primer, which I could certainly use (I always have to smudge out the mid-day crease when I use powder) but would probably never bring myself to buy. Now I don't have to.

Harvey Prince Skinny Chic- you've got to be kidding me. A perfume that helps you lose weight? Whose pipe dream is this? It's literally supposed to "give you energy and curb cravings". That's absurd. I think it smelt little-girly, but not bad. There's one loser in every box, friends.

Have any of you committed to Birchbox for the New Year?

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