Tuesday, December 4

Bibliophile [Gone Girl]

Wow. This book surprised me, and not many do. I've been DYING to finish my vacation posts so I could tell you about it. Stop reading, go buy and read, then come back and compare your thoughts to my review.

Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

If you're not listening to me and are still here, read this blurb.

On the day of their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick's wife Amy disappears. There are signs of struggle in the house and Nick quickly becomes the prime suspect. It doesn't help that Nick hasn't been completely honest with the police and, as Amy's case drags out for weeks, more and more vilifying evidence appears against him. Nick, however, maintains his innocence. Told from alternating points of view between Nick and Amy, Gillian Flynn creates an untrustworthy world that changes chapter-to-chapter. Calling Gone Girl a psychological thriller is an understatement. As revelation after revelation unfolds, it becomes clear that the truth does not exist in the middle of Nick and Amy's points of view; in fact, the truth is far more dark, more twisted, and more creepy than you can imagine. Gone Girl is masterfully plotted from start to finish and the suspense doesn't waver for one page. It's one of those books you will feel the need to discuss immediately after finishing because the ending doesn't just come; it punches you in the gut.

Ahhhh I want to experience reading this for the first time again. In fact, I know I'll read it again, because when you finally figure out the ending, you're going to want to re-experience the untrustworthy narration that defines the entire book.The words above are true- the story, and more importantly, my feelings, changed every. single. chapter. And the end is so subtle yet exactly what I hoped to read. I have read exactly two murder mysteries, because they make me feel like this book did- cheap, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, but entertained (which just makes me disappointed in myself, ha). But this is nothing like that.

Yes, it's a psychological thriller, but this is like, the Silence of the Lambs in a sea of Blair Witch Projects. You need to read this- there's a good reason it won so many awards. I'm now on the wait list for all her other novels, which are reportedly as good. I'm jealous of everyone that hasn't read this yet!

People love to talk about the banality of evil. You’re about to meet a maniac you could fall in love with. AJeff Giles, Entertainment Weekly

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