Tuesday, December 18

DIY [etched glass inpsiration]

One King's Lane, a great site for decor and design inspiration, had this set of glasses and decanter that I found clever (thanks J for sending the link!). We're thinking we should try glass etching now, since we could perhaps recreate this and make it more our style. We gave it a shot (stay tuned), and while it didn't come out like these images below, it was very simple and relatively easy to get right.

Here are some tips from Martha Stewart, the brand of glass etching cream we ended up using. We don't have contact paper (paper that is sticky on the back), which I think may be necessary for any intricate design, but lord knows we have tape!

I first read about glass etching over at A Beautiful Mess (yup, I knew we needed the contact paper). As with many things I try, it was easy, embarrassingly so- makes me wonder how many people avoid doing a project and never realize what a joke it is to begin with.

How would you use glass etching? I really think monograms or typography would be gorgeous...maybe huge ampersands? I've always loved the Mr. and Mrs. glasses below, but someone beat me to buying them for my brother and his new wife. Drats! While I love the gold, I bet they'd look great as an etching, too.

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