Wednesday, December 5

Affordable Art part dos

I shared some affordable art last month, and wanted to revisit the concept and share our experience with 20x200. You may have heard from this online art vendor before, as they're often on the deal websites- $30 for $60-worth of art, that kind of thing. D and I took advantage twice, and were very happy with the whole transaction. They also do weekly flash sales, so sign up for the emails if you're interested. We also just got a $10 off coupon in the mail yesterday...bottom line is, wait for the deals!

They do photography and fine art prints, so pick your poison. You're going to think, "Meaghan, you are the poorest curator ever", but I think I've actually culled quite a bit from the massive 1,000-print website. Enjoy!

Now that I'm traveling for work to Manhattan almost every week, I'm slowly turning into a believer. NYC rocks. This print says it all- everything is bigger, more glamorous, more possible in the big apple. Also realllllly like his "yellow dress" version. Give it to your friend who can't stand cities that shut down at midnight.

Central Park South
For your friends that need an ass-kicking (ha ha)! They have a bunch of these movement-strip prints,  elephants and horses and big cats. Very cool, graphic, modern but quirky. Give one to your Democratic friend.

We all know I love flamingos after this post, so I thought this was funny. I literally smile when I look at it, because I picture the photographer just letting this pink embarrassment of an animal walk around the studio. It's so odd. Love the use of white space. Would be so sweet in a little girls' room.

Flamingo No. 4
This photo feels like an adventure. My old roommate D would love this, I think. Bit hipster-moody but also makes me think. Dudes love art, it's what separates the boys from the men (i.e., boy hangs jerseys, unframed Godfather posters and towels, man hangs ART).

Was going to buy these two for my dad last Christmas, but wasn't sure if he even likes art. Well, he likes art- I mean, his mom is an extremely talented artist and my parents have a ton of nice prints and original pieces in their home, but this is quirky and odd and probably only appropriate in an office. Know what I mean? Me and D can put fun/strange art anywhere, but parents are a different animal.

Apart Wind Up Clock
Old Wind Up Clock

Currently only left in huge size (but wouldn't that be amazing?!?), this is the print that I bought with my deal. I love it. The colors are vibrant and the subject matter just makes me sigh and long for a cocktail with an umbrella. It's an ariel view of Portugal, one of my favorite places I've ever visited. What mother wouldn't mind a little visual getaway now and then?

Praia Piquinia
D's choice was this black and white print of the Apollo 17 descent. He really likes it, but doesn't love the orange frame we have it in, so we may need to make some changes. Either way, I'm really happy with his pick- very artsy. He's a NASA lover so the content is as special as the execution. Buy art that represents something of interest or alludes to a hobby.

What? I have a whale thing. I would do a male nursery around this print. Older sailors might appreciate this as well.
Timid Whale

This print says potential. In a symbolic way, I look at it and I think about what's next. Me gusta. Give it to the traveler.

RAF Vulcon

When I first saw this, I hated it. Now I'm kind of loving it. It's called cougar friends. I want to buy 7 of them and send them to all my best girls. Hard to think where you would hang this one, especially as I'm pretty sure D will think it's disgusting.

Cougar Friends

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