Friday, December 21

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Happy Friday! It's for a song, comin to you live from the South Shore of Massachusetts! That's right, I'm a-home for the holidays and STILL willing to bring you multiple links to impressive things that others have done. 

I'm a provider.

First thing after the holiday rush, I'm getting us some new dish towels and doin it up ombre. We don't actually have any towels, and exclusive use of paper towel is wasteful, no? I'm loving the simple, saturated blue of Design*Sponge pillows...should be easy to translate into towels. Ikea here I come!

'Tis the season for holiday parties, fancy dresses, and up-dos! I honestly couldn't believe how easy this hair tutorial was, especially considering how artful it looks. Check it out- it's a video, which is the best kind for learning.

I just found this recipe today, and though I'm quite happy with the current season, it got me dreaming of summer flavors.

My friend K sent this video along, and I loved it. He's so right: everything IS amazing, and no one is happy. I thought about it on my flight home today. Louis C.K. at his best, which is pretty damn incredible.

K wins the coveted Best Forwarded Links of the Week Award (he probably doesn't know, but he's in a close and dirty competition with my sister...but she's aware enough for the both of them). Check out this image he sent (if you haven't already lost a full work day a brief lunch to searching for human climbers): it's Mount Everest in 2 billion pixels. You won't get it until you follow the link and start to toggle and zoom.

And finally, this blog is all about branding (hence the name), and tracks marketing design alterations and breaks down the "why" of logo upgrades. Immediately thought of my graphic-design-friend E.

If you're free and in the area, come visit and see my sister, AKA Jareth the Goblin King. From her mouth to your ears, do.not. get your hair cut in Europe. They LOVE the mullet-bob, and they'll cite language-barriers as the problem if you start crying and threatening to kill yourself.

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