Thursday, December 6

bag it up [a manly wishlist]

Today we have a manly wishlist for your perusal, from my very own D. Take it away manfriend.

Celebrity post time.  After months of anticipation, I know you're all excited for my debut on for a song.

For those of you who don't know me, you should be aware that Meaghan has been the prime assistant (she would say catalyst) in the development of my own style and the refining of my new, adult personal tastes. Unfortunately, I've found that as my tastes become more refined, they also become more expensive. But, to go with the theme of this site, there are ways to limit the cost and still find some high quality stuff if you look in the right places. This time of year is the best time to do that, both because there are people out there looking to buy you things (hey Mom) and also because there are some great sales to be had.

Here's my list of items that the men who read this blog (or the women who read this blog and date cool dudes who will appreciate this stuff) should look to pick up this holiday season:
Naturally, I'm starting this off with alcohol. You should know that Meg and I are big fans of good drinks, and the best gift I have ever received was the bar cart she made me for Christmas last year.  I suggest picking your guy up a nice bottle of rye or bourbon. They're the base of many great, warm, cozy drinks for this time of year, and you have a lot of flexibility in how you drink them (straight, on the rocks, in countless types of cocktails, etc.) I'm really hoping to pick up a bottle of Russell's Reserve Rye and a Maker's Mark 46 this year. For a cheaper but solid rye that's great for cocktails, pick up a bottle of Old Overholt for $10-$15 at your local liquor store. It's our go-to.  
And to experiment a bit with different types of drinks, pick up some different types of bitters, a couple drops of which (literally -- one or two drops) will put a huge kick in your drink. 

For the guys who are not familiar with this site, you immediately need to check out Bonobos (and follow the link to get $25 off on your first purchase). They are one of the best men's online clothing stores out there. They recently started selling in brick-and-mortar stores through Nordstrom, but their main business is online. Free shipping, free returns, no hassles. Best customer service in the market, hands down. 

For some new winter additions to the wardrobe, I'm looking at a camel-colored merino wool v-neck for work, and am looking forward to trying out their new slim fit shirt lineBonobos pants fit better than any other brand I've tried- for a business casual look that is sure to impress, try their "Falkirks". 

There's more to dressing than shirts and pants. I'm looking at these awesome gloves over at Piperlime to prepare for what might be a harsher winter than last and this pair of Chippewa boots that seem functional and attractive. And if you can't pick up the gloves, try this to keep your hands warm.

This mustache tie clip is fun and just $35, and these Ray Ban aviators are classic. Both could make good stocking stuffers.

Media is always a practical and welcome gift for your guy. I can't keep up with Meaghan, but I do try to get through as many books as I can. I tend to stick to non-fiction, and have found some really great books over the past year. The first one I would suggest is Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. The book is very career-focused, but applies to any situation. It's all about the importance of being selfless in the creation and cultivation of new relationships to the benefit of both parties. It also goes into detail about ways to strategize and stay organized as you, inevitably, end up meeting and staying in touch with far more people than ever before. I work on issues related to energy and the environment, so The Quest, by Daniel Yergin, is particularly interesting to me, though still accessible: it's both a historical account and modern day assessment of energy and environmental challenges that the world will face in the 21st Century. Lastly (and this is no revolutionary suggestion), I think everyone out there should read the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. The book was absolutely fascinating from countless perspectives- a must read.

If books aren't your thing, TV series are a great idea. We're currently working through The West Wing (seasons for $20, 7-season-series for under $100), and we lost hours of our lives to Homeland during the hurricane.

Last but not least, the most wanted item on my wishlist: a 1969 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

D obviously thinks he's been very good this year. Hope this helps you for your male boyfriends/brothers/dads/friends!

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