Tuesday, December 11

DIY wishlist

So we've shared some lovely gift ideas with you this December, but not everything can be had for nickles and dimes, so I thought it was time to bring in the DIY ideas. As I've said before, not all DIY's are money savers, but some certainly are, and regardless, it's a thoughtful and meaningful way to share some holiday love. If you're tight on cash this year and would prefer to make your gifts, here are some ideas.

How about some DIY angastora bitters? They are the workhorse of bitters and are a key ingredient in many classic cocktails. I was going to do this for this season, but you need some time (three weeks and three days, to be exact), so if this is your jam you better jump on it.

Art of Manliness had a few ideas that D forwarded to me (he's trying to get on my byline, clearly): why not make your own beef jerky? Fantastic stocking stuffer, and probably smells amazing. It's quite expensive to buy, too, so this might save you a bit. Dad, we should try this with your homemade molasses over the holidays, yes?

Everyone needs to get clean, so soap is a useful present that will last. I'm very impressed with the detailed cold-press soap making instructions over at Classy Miss Molassy, and saw her recipe for coffee-scented soap. What man wouldn't like that? Since you have to buy full bottles of oil, you'll have plenty left over to make more. Even if you don't use the rest, the cost per bar is around $1.50 for this recipe. Not bad!

That's enough for the men- why should they get all the fun? Here are some ideas for the ladies.

Why not jazz up some small bowls for your girl friend, sister or mom? I think this idea is sweet and simple, and only requires a steady hand and a sharpie to make things festive.

This is for sale from Fab via Living Social, but why buy something you can make for less? I love the sentimentality of making it yourself anyway: it says sister in morse code (aww). Lots of possibilities here. J, we should make them for our littles.

What about candles? Everyone loves them, and if you don't, you probably do at the holidays. Emily Henderson (one of my faves) does a super cheap dollar-store DIY project for HGTV occasionally, and these candles came out great. You can follow her style, or get creative- contact paper, glitter, ribbons, paint...you get the idea. Who wouldn't want these?

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