Friday, December 14

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Friday again. I've been in NYC for the past two days, and am staying through the weekend to do lovely holiday sh*t with my girl R and her hubby D. Expect instagrams (can that be a noun?) on Monday and a very tired Meaghan. Boston next week and CANNOT WAIT to relax at home!

If you're not galavanting around a Christmas tourist trap, take a few minutes to follow the links below. 

My friend J sent me this one: The Hater's Guide to the William Sonoma Catalog. SO funny. He goes through the most absurd products (panini spatula, anyone?) and breaks it down with an oft sarcastic, always humorous personal addition.

I've always loved How About Orange, and here she breaks down how to make origami stars, then uses them in gift wrapping and to make a garland. Way too much holiday decor adorableness for one blog post.

This will be more useful once I have a fireplace, but until then you can practice making a stacked log   installation, courtesy of the hunted interior.

I love Bruno Mars, and I love women, and I consider Janelle Monae to be a combination of those two things. Her voice if phenom, her songs are catchy, and she has this 50's-sexy-goofy vibe. Just try not to find her awesome.

As much as I want to meet the man that wrote this, I think I want to meet the woman it was written about even more. I'm in love with this passage (thank you stumble upon).

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