Monday, December 3

Bag it up [wishlist volume 2]

Round two of holiday-gift dreaming comin' atcha!

Modern, sleek, mature Christmas decor isn't always the easiest to find. You may have to wade through piles of Pier One crap to find a few nice pieces that will look classy through the years. Crate and Barrel is a good place to find such items, but the prices can get high. Look for holiday sales or use a site like Ebates to get some cash back!

I'm personally hoping for one of each of these little beauties. The only thing that would make them better would be if they were gold. Time to break out the liquid gold leaf, perhaps?
How can one go wrong with a cashmere scarf? My go-to black scarf got lost in the Berlin night life, so I'd love one in black. Can also be used as a sexy wrap over a party dress. With the ubiquitous coupons of Banana Republic, maybe I (or Santa?) could scoop this one for a reasonable rate, and my love Everlane has this classic wardrobe staple as well.

I recently got a Nespresso machine (from Craigslist, like everything else I own), and while I adore it, I do have one issue: all my mugs are too big to fit underneath, so I have to remove the grate to make a cup. Annoying. So, on my list are some cute and SHORT espresso cups. I've been keeping an eye on Etsy, and thought these (1, 2) would satisfy my gold craving, these would satisfy my copper craving,  these would add a pop of color (or these, in my favorite hue!), and these are retro chic. What I really want are these Wedgewood black basalt set, but let's get real...over $200 for 4 cups?

Speaking of espresso cups, D and I are in need of serving ware in general. I'm really loving this sandalwood tray from the fair-trade CONNECTED. Be sure you check dimensions- in this photo, you really can't tell, but it's just 9.5" x 4.5", which is pretty small. You'd probably want 3 in a set, which is fine, but save yourself some buyers' remorse if you're expecting a table-filling platter here.
I got a Kate Spade planner last year, on Christmas day no less, via Ebay. I love it. It's expensive the first time, but holds up well, and the replacement papers are reasonably priced. I need to pick up the 2013 calendar soon- nothing is as rewarding as a blank planner, no? I wouldn't mind some extra to-do list inserts either. If you need a planner, I have the Large Deborah, and I've been very happy with it...then again, I paid $50 for a new-with-tags version in gold, which sits a bit better with me than the $200-version online.

What's on your Christmas list? I have a manly version coming this week, from my very own D, so look out for that if you're suffering under the impossibility of buying for some men. I might take some notes myself!

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