Tuesday, September 4

Discover: Ebates

I would imagine that many of you already use Ebates. And the rest of you should probably start, if you ever shop online and if you'd like to receive cash back for those purchases.
I first heard about this from a fashion blogger, and I'm so glad I did. Basically, you sign up for Ebates (which earns you a $10 gift card, I got mine to Target), then you go to their website before heading to any of your favorite online retailers. From their site, launch J Crew, Nordstrom's, Home Depot, Drugstore.com, and thousands of other popular shopping destinations.

That's it.

It takes you to their website, you browse, select, and check-out as you normally would, and every month Ebates sends you a check for whatever you've earned. Most of my favorite places seem to be around 3% cash back, but they frequently have double cash back weekends and the like. 6% cash back on things I was going to buy anyway? Sold. Drugstore.com is currently 12% cash back = absurd. They also list current coupons- not a huge deal for me, since I get coupons emailed to me from my favorite retailers anyway, but it might help you out or remind you what deals are active.

Guys. Even AMAZON is in on this. As is Groupon. It's kinda awesome. Visit here to get started, and let me know what you think- I've seen televised ads for them lately, with people who have saved hundreds. If I'm going to buy things anyway, I might as well get a little somethin' somethin' back.

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