Friday, September 7

10 things I'm all about this week

The only reason I haven't been writing is because life has been to busy to record. It was a fun AND productive long weekend (the best kind), and a busy busy week. Here is a list of 10 things I am allllll about this week (regular posting to resume next week, I promise to never do this again no matter how much fun I'm having and life I'm living).

Me, in my old school NYC b&b right now, writing a list of things I love this week.
1. The amazing in-between weather of lingering summer and welcoming fall. 75 and sunny? Sounds like what I've been experiencing in the 3 states I've visited since Tuesday.

2. How close we are getting to this momentous occasion (prepping now to dance my face off):

3. The really cool speak easy bar that D and I found last Friday evening in Mount Pleasant. Better than the drinks (strong and inventive) and decor (cozy and dim) was the bartender (adorable and knowledgeable). And it was on Scoutmob, duh.

4. College football season! Ok, not that I really care or actively follow teams, but I experienced my first beer tower (though I only judged the race...ugh I'm so boring) because of it so it's something to appreciate.

5. Making my first appearance at US Cellular Field for a Sox game! Technically I was there for work, but I enjoyed the game and crowd very much.

6. Wandering around Chicago on my own while listening to a new playlist from my sister. Highlights include: lots of Sammy Adams, Careless Whisper, No Scrubz, and many other throwback gems. I was laughing and singing along all day (love you small one)

7. Accidentally ending up in Soho for NYC Fashion's Night Out? Well done me. Anna Wintour, you are a genius (and a fabulous dresser).

8. Making it out to Brooklyn for a lovely and long catch up with my darling R. We ate at Verde, also on Scoutmob, then I had my first 16 Handles experience :)

9. My few wonderful friends and readers who contacted me in outrage/concern/support for my lack of posts. Thank you for running interference on my laziness.

10. A baller weekend to look forward to! Manicures with my future sister-in-law, dinner with my bro, bachelorette party all day Saturday, nice long car ride back to DC on Sunday with D (hi baby! remember me? It's the girl that use to live with you). What are you all up to?

P.S. images are all obvi from Instagram. Follow me (and tell me who you are so I don't confuse you with the rando creepers) and we shall follow each other to a land of deeper friendship and familiarity! Instagram and Twitter: MeaghanGibbons. Can't make it any easier for ya folks.

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