Friday, September 21

Link Up.

Friday partyyyy! This is the first weekend in a bajillion that I'm actually home, and I can't wait for what we have planned: a golf lesson for me and D, perhaps some apple picking and fall cooking, a double order from Pie Sisters, a bottomless brunch with some dear friends, and an all around good time. Here are some things that caught my eye this week. Enjoy!

This is glamorous does a feature every once in awhile called Great Love Stories. It's usually famous people, artists or directors or models or icons, and their tumultuous and passionate affairs. They don't always have happy endings, but sometimes the best stories are tragedies. Check 'em out!

This weekend, have your guy check out the man aisle at the grocery store. Smart marketing or stereotypically offensive? Either way, no women allowed.

Sounds like these 5 items can tackle 40 household cleaning tasks. If the area under your sink or in your bathroom closet looks as crowded as mine, maybe you should take a look.

DC local? Check out Allan Woods, the florist (great name for that career, right?!). He has a "happy hour" every Friday from 3-7pm where all flowers are half price. I'm into that.

Slow cooker brown rice pudding over at Skinny Ms...sounds so delicious and autumnal. This is my favorite season, and the food and drinks are a big part of that.

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