Wednesday, July 11

Review: Pie Sisters, Georgetown

For any of you D.C. locals, like myself, I'd like to post brief and personal reviews of wonderful things to do in the city...let's be honest, it'll always involve food or drink.
I tend to not like Sundays, and to combat this, I think every weekend should wind down with a delicious treat. My roommates and I decided to try Pie Sisters, a new pie restaurant/bakery that opened on M Street. It happens to be a ten minute, beautiful walk from our apartment, making it a perfect Sunday afternoon excursion. It was also on ScoutMob, giving us 50% off. And it ended with pie, so really, how can you go wrong?

It's interesting to me that Pie Sisters is just a block or two down from Georgetown Cupcake, the main location for the TLC show "D.C. Cupcakes". They seem pretty similar, and I wonder if either will give the other any trouble. By my judgement, both are DELICIOUS.

You can get slices OR mini pies, savory or sweet. Slices are $5, "cuppies" are $4.
I got a slice of the key lime pie and a coconut cream cuppie. Both were amazing. I like the slice of pie, since it has more filling and less crust, but I liked the coconut flavor more than the lime.

Look at all that pie goodness! We will certainly be back in the VERY near future for more.

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