Friday, July 27

Mixology [fruit peel jello shots]

My lovely roommate K (whom I miss terribly, since she's home for like a month planning and executing her sister's wedding) came across this recipe for pink lemonade jello shots. Made in lemon peels. I love it!

Though the recipe pretty much sucked in terms of accuracy (reading the outraged comments from readers below the recipe is hilarious), it more than made up for it in adorableness and alcohol. We had to try our own.

Problems abounded- we didn't have any lemons, it's really hard to gut limes, we only have 4 limes anyway, we don't have lemonade OR plain gelatin, will any one miss this orange, and so on. Less motivated and smarter mixologists would have just walked away, but we were on a mission. 

After much trial and tribulation, we had gutted a few limes and an orange. This was definitely the hard part. I'm thinking lemons must be easier to work with.

We used a cup of hot crystal-light-mixed-lemonade, a cup of vodka (which we chilled in the freezer first for optimal jello-ness), and a small packet of sugar-free strawberry gelatin. Mix it all up and do your best to pour it into the skins (we stood them on D's bacon plate for stability, but as luck would have it, he wanted to make bacon right after ironic).

We let them chill out over night, and cut them up the next day with a very sharp paring knife. In my opinion, they were delicious. I see how lemons would be cuter, but I think in the future I'll use oranges to get more bang for your buck (and less work per shot). They're also super easy to peel.

Think of all the flavor combinations! I think I'll juice the oranges and use the juice as the base, add unflavored gelatin, and use vanilla or whipped cream flavored vodka for the booze- creamsicle jello shots!

Anyone else have a flavor combo I should try this weekend? Enjoy the summer sun while it lasts my friends.

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