Thursday, July 19

DIY [a third installment of liquid gold-leaf] and some social media news

I swear (no I don't) that this is the last time I use liquid gold-leaf on a project. It's just too easy.
D gave me a tablet for Christmas. It's wonderful, but hard to find protective covers for, as it's not an iPad. All of the colorful, playful cases made by designers (I'm glaring at you, Kate Spade) are made to specifically fit the iPad, so I was on my own to make something cute.

I bought this Navitech case for $20 on Amazon- it's a synthetic leather, but I liked the rich brown color and it's made to fit my tablet perfectly. It certainly needed some highlights, in my opinion.
I whipped out my trusty bottle of liquid gold leaf and got to taping.

Similarly to this project, it's all about getting the tape down TIGHT to the product before painting.

As always, the best part is removing the tape. I do it while the paint is still a bit wet to avoid cracks.

What do you think?! I'm excited about it- it's a fun, graphic pattern, and I'm crazy over gold these days. Lemme tell ya, those little jars of liquid gold leaf go a LONG way...I bought two and still have more than half a jar left (the first was used almost entirely on the bar cart).

If you want to see my next use of gold leaf, I'm already all over it. Mosey on over to my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT for a sneak peak! I know. I set up two new forms of social media this week. I deserve a medal. Or a cookie. Or a cookie in the shape of a medal. On top of a sundae.

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