Monday, July 30

How was your weekend?

Had a wonderful weekend. An old and great friend was in town Friday night, which meant lots of wine and good conversation and yummy sushi and the Olympics (the British are weird).

Def the best part.
Saturday meant a bit of pool time, taking care of errands, and some crafting that will make an appearance soon (I tested out my new chalkboard paint on an old mirror, and was pleased).

Saturday was date night with D- we hadn't celebrated our anniversary yet. We took a bottle of champagne and some sliders up to the roof- the weather was perfect, the view was amazing, and we even made a dog friend we named Sean Connery (I also just discovered Texts from Dog, so hilarious).

After dinner we went to Twins Jazz Club on U Street. It was such a great date place, and I highly recommend it. Music sets are at 9 and 11pm, the tables are intimate and small, lots of candles and art, reasonable drinks. We try to prioritize going on actual dates- when you live together, it's easy to come up with excuses to stay in (we can cook at home, it's cheaper to drink wine from Trader Joe's, I'm too sleepy, I don't want to have to wear pants). If you're looking for a good couples spot, this worked for us. We could still talk quietly with the band playing, and it felt cultured and mature to me.

So. what did you do this weekend?

Nothing of substance for you today. In the meantime, here is a super bright room to enjoy- I want that couch (with the pillows please).

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