Tuesday, July 3


Here are some beautiful things or creative ideas I've been admiring this week.

What I wouldn't do for a piece like that. damn.

Go check out the many creative recipes at theyummylife.com for over-night no cook refrigerator oatmeal: a great way to incorporate oats in the hotter months!

This image from Design*Sponge got me thinking...you can really line an envelope in ANYTHING. Recipe cards, news print, wrapping paper, paper dolls, dress forms...

I wouldn't want to destroy books, but this idea of pining old spines to a box for some hidden storage is pretty compelling, like this etsy seller created.

Who doesn't have way more wine corks than they need? This idea is from weddingphotography.com, and I think the idea is to have guests write on wine corks from your wedding day; then, you can use them to make a more lasting display. Cute!

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