Thursday, July 12

I want to ride my...

Quiz time. What do these images all have in common?
So clearly this is one of my easier tests. I've got bicycles on the brain, as my man (and his super-woman mother) train for a 100 mile bike ride in August. Between bicycles and GMAT studying, I'm pretty much single these days.
The ride is part of a program called Bike to the Beach, which raises funds for autism research and awareness. There are rides in NYC (ending at the Hamptons), DC (ending at Dewey Beach), and a new ride in New England this year.  I'll be volunteering, as my uber-involved roommate C is on the board- feel free to reach out if you want to get involved!
Solicitation time: if you're into this kinda thing, click here to donate to the program- it's obviously for quite a good cause. I'm willing to pay just to see him get whooped by his mom.

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