Monday, July 2

Fashion Prints Wall Art

 I really love when people display fashion prints or old magazines in a grid-like gallery wall. I saw this image below over at Apartment Therapy; they used prints from a $13 vintage-styled Barbie calendar. What an inexpensive way to make a fun display! I'd love to make something like this for my closet...that is, once I have a closet with wall space. What do you think?

Apt Therapy
Here's another from Domino, using 1950's Dior prints. A little classier, and a little (lot) more expensive.

Here are some gorgeous prints that Caitlin Wilson (of Caitlin Wilson Design) picked up at a flea market in France. Some people have all the luck!

I'm loving this look! I picked up a vintage-themed calendar on Amazon, stay tuned for a project in my near future.

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