Tuesday, July 10

Boston week

Hello friends! Sorry I'm not sorry for my lack of posting while on vacation...I was too busy enjoying myself to document it here.

I spent most of the past week in Boston visiting my family. We had a great time, full of cookouts and boating and crafting and chatting (sometimes all at the same time). I got home on Tuesday afternoon, spent a few days at home, went to NY to attend my brother/future sister-in-law's tasting for their venue, then back to Boston for a fun night on the Cape with friends. It was a whirlwind and not exactly relaxing, but it was fun and energizing nonetheless.
My friend J, her sister, and I decided to start our drive home at 3am, which certainly saved us time but also made us somewhat delirious. Here's the sunrise over 95:
That night, my sister busted out her indoor s'mores maker (complete with sterno) and we melted some marshmallows. Such a good summer treat!

The next morning I went out on the water with dad to check his lobster traps. It's just one of his many hobbies, and this time it paid off with a few fresh lobsters (that I didn't get to eat).

We brought up more than just lobsters with the traps- check out this prehistoric-looking dogfish! I made dad throw it back in the water instead of keeping it for bait. He was too cool looking to become lobster lunch, in my opinion.
I like driving the boat, which is my job while dad grabs the buoys, which are tethered to the traps hundreds of feet below. The first time out I wasn't too awesome at steering, but I did a lot better a few days later. Practice makes perfect.
Fred, the family dog, helped me drive (not).

Everything on the water is so scenic. Here are some gorgeous boats moored near the shore.

I only really took pictures of our boat excursion, as you can see, but I did manage to catch someone having an AWFUL 4th of July:

Yup. That's someone's SUV taking a dip in the Atlantic. They were backing their car down the boat launch ramp and must have either slipped or left it in neutral. Apparently they were only launching a little sea-doo too...ouch! Luckily my 4th (and whole week) was better than that!

Now that we're in crunch time (LESS THAN 100 DAYS!) for R and J's wedding, I should have some cool projects to share soon. I also have some great books to review, some recipes to share, and some impressive feats of shopping. Here's to a busy summer!

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