Friday, July 13

Color Collective [yellow]

Though it's less functional, sometimes I like organizing my interior design files by color (see my ode to orange here). I'm really liking yellow lately, and there's nothing buttery about it- this season's yellows are punchy, from rich mustard to flashy neons.

The wonderful Barrie Benson knows how to work his yellow. By pairing it with darker hues, it doesn't look like a nursery school. Yellow and gray is so glamorous.


Neons are big in fashion, so why not in interiors? I feel like it's just a trend, as I can't imagine being happy long-term with a screamin' yellow, making it a great option for easily-swappable accessories (think pillows, tchotchkes).


I found so many images of yellow on chairs- might have to snag one for myself.


Does anyone have a favorite color to highlight with? I'm usually all about orange, since I love the contrast with blue (like our room), but I might make some room for golden yellow this fall. Maybe some shopping (or painting) is in order this weekend. Have a good one!

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