Tuesday, July 31

DIY Invites [a Boston bridal shower]

My brother is getting married (as if you didn't already know). His fiance J had a "real" shower in NYC, which was super fun. We decided to throw her a Boston one as well, so that the family and friends on our side of the family could celebrate with her. My sister and I made the invitations, which I wanted to share here (sorry for the poor quality of the images).

We're going with a funfetti theme, because who doesn't love funfetti? (you know I do) It'll be fun to work it into the day in terms of decor, attire, and even food.

My sister found these cool scalloped-edge cards and envelopes in the $1 bin at Michael's. The stamp is adorable, and I was able to use my embossing tool for the first time! After we stamped and embossed, we painted a gradient with watercolors. I like this method because every card is a little different. If you're not going to print them all official and gorgeous, you might as well make it organic and unique looking.

We added some dots in keeping with the funfetti theme.

For the inside, we used another stamp to keep things easy and quick, and wrote in our information. It was all pretty casual, but it's going to be a small family get-together at my parent's house, so informality is the name of the game.

We were able to find orange butterfly stamps that matched our look, and that's that!

I'll have a lot more to share after the shower in a week or two, including decorations, food, and fun.

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