Wednesday, June 27

Cheap Eats [funfetti yogurt dip]

Adventures in Food did something adventurous. 


Take 3 parts Funfetti cake mix, 2 parts Greek yogurt, and 1 part cool whip. Stir, eat with graham crackers. Love life.

It's truly super yummy, and not AWFUL for you, though I wouldn't call it a health food. Use 0% yogurt and fat free cool whip to keep calories and fat low.

One tip: if you're going to add sprinkles (duh), do it at the end. K and I made this Friday night, watched an episode of SVU (gripping!), then came back to eat it. When we stirred it, we realized the sprinkles and melted, giving us a gray mix that my friend J called wall spackle. Tastes great, looked like putty. From now on, sprinkles go in at the end.

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