Thursday, June 14

Office Plant Inspiration

We all love the outdoors, no? I appreciate seeing green. Big trees, little plants, delicate blooms, hearty bushes, it's all good. Plants, and anything from nature really, can be calming, and having some living, oxygen-producing thing around is healthy, right? 

If you remember this post, I adore me some succulents. However, they need too much sun to survive in my department's cubicle jungle. 

I've been thinking I should get a plant for my office (by office, I mean cubicle). I need something that doesn't need too much light, and as I travel a LOT (and am forgetful), it can't need too much water either. I'm going to do some research, but wondered if any of you have a nice little healthy plant that's doing well indoors?

Here are some lovely offices with thriving plants.

Design Sponge
Marion House
So, in that second to last image the plant may be in the room behind the office...but still, that space is incredible. I would get mucho mucho work done there.

Maybe I'll just go all the way. If green is good, I'm the best! Now pull up a bush and lets get some work done. Watch out for my roooohoooots! (that's for you J)

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