Monday, June 25

The Windy City

Ahh, the windy city. Did you know that's not related to the epic wind? Chicago was labeled the windy city after the blustering politicians and movers-and-shakers who were campaigning hard for Chicago to be the location of the world fair. Interesting little tidbit for your Monday morning, courtesy of my co-worker.

Anyway, my new job will be bringing me to Chicago about twice a month. And guess who knows nothing about the city? This girl.

What's the real difference between O'Hare and Midway? Is it smarter to take the metro option to and from airports? I'll always be staying in the loop, probs on the Magnificent Mile. Any good thrifting or vintage shopping downtown? Amazing out-of-the-way art galleries? The best-thing-you-ever-ate? Something not to be missed that only an insider would know??

I've been to Chi town once before: last summer, D and I and some friends went to a concert in Milwaukee then drove to Chicago for a weekend. We did Taste of Chicago, so I've tried many of the big-ticket restaurants, and I've seen Millennium Park and the bean (though I'd happily go back for free concerts/movies??). We caught a game at Wrigley Field, too. Other than those few experiences, I'm a newbie.

Please, if any of you have anything cool, unique, or beloved to share about Chicago, hop to it. My future weekends are in your hands.

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