Tuesday, June 19

Bag it up [June Birchbox]

Since I love my Birchbox, and get one every month, I thought I'd start doing reviews (see my post here for more background on the wonder that is Birchbox). Quick rundown: for $10 a month, you get 4-5 high-end beauty products to sample. If you like what you get, you can buy it from Birchbox using points that are awarded for submitting reviews of the products/referring friends.
There it is in all it's glory. Let's go over the details, shall we?

The John Varvatos cologne smells like what my dad uses...not a bad thing, but also not how I want D to smell, ya know? They're really pushing their man-box subscription...it's cool, but it's double the price of the woman's version.

The tili bag is for your 3oz or smaller liquids while traveling. Well, I suppose you can use them for anything, as they're really just pretty printed zip-locks, but they're marketed as such. Even if money grew on trees I couldn't imagine paying for nice looking disposable bags, but I'll use the one they gave me.

The Masqueology mask I'll be using tonight. I don't have huge pores to begin with, so I'm not sure how much it'll do...but I think face masks are so relaxing, and I love getting them in my box.

The one-step bronzer from stilla is cool, especially the packaging and design- the cremes are wrapped around and look like a double helix or a tornado. A little goes a long way- I think I'll use this as a primer when my current one runs out (also from Birchbox). Primers are great for evening out skin tone and keeping facial oil in check, and this one dries to a matte finish. Nice!

The self tanning wipes are the same as Tan Towels- tanning solution on a wet wipe, pretty much. I haven't used this yet, as I'm in an epic tan battle with my friend T and we agreed "no tan towels", but my roommate used one. She didn't like it as much as Tan Towels- she needed to use 2 to cover her whole body since it dried out quickly, she had a streak or two, and she felt like it didn't get her as dark. However, it's a lot cheaper: Tan Towels are $24 for 5, but these are $15 for 8. I watched the Birchbox video on how to use them, and they recommend moisturizing before use, which I'm sure would help with it drying out, and to apply in a circular motion, which would take care of streaks. So maybe this product is awesome and my roommate just can't read directions?

The lip stain is interesting. I have trouble with lip stains- they give a deep matte color (my favorite kind!), but they can be hard to apply evenly. This product solves the problem by going on like a gel, then dries to a stain finish. SO much easier than regular stains, which go on like a highlighter. This is buildable too, so you can get more color by layering.

Damn good box this month. I'll use everything (except the cologne). Are any of you Birchbox junkies? Does anyone use other versions of the monthly-beauty-mailing trend? I'm happy with this one, but I know there are many versions out there!

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