Friday, June 8

Words are free [a life worth living]

How many people do you know that are living their passion right now? I have a few gripes.

First, isn't there something to be said for preparing to live your passion?

As in, I'm getting the education needed, I'm saving the funds needed, I'm improving myself to be the person needed to pursue my deepest desires?

What if your passion is unsustainable?

Following your passion at what cost? Your loved ones? Your love life? Your life?

Sometimes I feel we give an extravagant amount of credit to those who follow their dreams irregardless...what about all those troopers (here's lookin at you, dad) who work their very hardest to enable the pursual of dreams of another? Or, those who settle for smaller dreams at the benefit of family, respect, honor, obligation? Way to go to all the dads out there, including mine, that live their lives in a way that improves the lives of others. I'm sure everyone who knows my pop agrees.

Well, anyway, I like the following quote, though it's all about following passion. My passion today is to be contradictory. Mission accomplished.

Happy Father's Day weekend!

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