Tuesday, June 12

DIY [wooden candle sticks]

Quick little project for ya here. I made my mom some candle sticks when I was last home that I wanted to share. It's absurdly easy and pretty darn cheap while you're at it.

Michaels, AC Moore, general craft stores all sell wooden fixtures. I'm sure you've seen them around the aisles: bird houses, boxes, cones, that sort of thing. Well, they have these cute little wooden candle sticks as well, and I think they suggest a lot of possibilities.

My mom sets a mean table- she's always been an excellent cook, so I figured I could help out with the decoration side of things and whip up some quick and easy candle sticks. I bought a set of embroidery floss spools, also from the craft store, some plain and some sparkly (because you really only use candles for a special occasion, and special occasions call for sparkles). Using just a dot of craft glue to hold the first string, I started wrapping up the base of the candle stick. I used another dot of glue to start other colors, and overlapped a bit to keep it looking clean.

They came out cute- nothing fancy, but fun to make and an easy way to add a splash of color. You  can get so creative with these candle sticks- paint them, decoupage them, wrap them like I did. I found a few more projects using the candle sticks with a quick google search- most of these are better than mine! Any other ideas out there?

Wooden Cake Stand

Painted Candle Sticks

Cupcake Tiers
Painted Candle Sticks

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