Tuesday, June 26

Animal Hide Rugs [do or don't?]

Do you find animal hides utilized in interior design to be inhumane?
Jan Showers

Or do you dig the interesting shape, gorgeous pattern, and natural look and feel?

Decor Pad
Is there a difference between decorating with animal hide rugs and having a pair of leather boots? Or displaying deer antlers? Or eating chicken? Or decorating with peacock feathers?

Jan Showers
On some level, it shows respect and appreciation for a gorgeous animal. On other levels, it may perpetuate the inhumane treatment of animals or the poacher-like mentality of killing a living thing to selfishly claim just one part of it.

Cow Hide Rugs
My roommate said, if you're going to kill a cow to eat it, why not take it's hide? It is true that using animal skin has been a part of the human condition always, for clothing, shelter, and even decoration.

Decor Pad
I really like the visual appeal of an animal hide rug layered over a natural fiber rug. Guess who has a natural fiber rug but lacks some animal skin lovin?

E J Interiors
I have a teensy search going on via ebay. If I find one I love (there are options between $100-$200), I might ask for one as a birthday present. Mom's got a gorgeous fur coat, so I'm hoping she won't turn her nose up or disown a heartless daughter for longing for a little cow hide?

Architects for Life
I think these images really display how versatile animal skin rugs can be. Some rooms are modern and sharp, some are traditional and cozy, some are formal, some are casual, all are beautiful.

So? Any varying opinions? I see it everywhere in the design world, but I only saw one in person just this weekend. Isn't that true of many design trends? I see chevron so often online I want to DIE, but have never visited a friend's home and been inundated with zig zags galore. But back to the skin: yes, it looked opulent, and yes, it sparked my new obsession.

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