Tuesday, June 5


wow. wowowowoowowoww WOW. If I can, I'm going to try to replicate this as a DIY. What a gorgeous wall design for a bedroom...it's so romantic and dreamy and suggestive and wow. Check out those herringbone floors, too! Interior designer Spazzio Rosso, photographed by Jorg Meyer.

Awww ain't that cute? They framed them separately, then hung them one over the other. I can see it being adorable with a baby in between too.
Bluebird Blog
Somehow, these elegant single blooms don't look too sparse to me- the space and simplicity seems elegant instead. Would make a beautiful tablescape, no?
How about a DIY wooden door-mat that couldn't be easier to make? This would be so fun with neon rope, or with weather-resistant paint. So many possibilities!
Martha Stewart
Would you dare pair a pretty, full skirt with denim? I like the juxtaposition, but I just can't picture myself leaving the house like this. If you're into it, be my guest (and take pictures)!

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