Wednesday, June 6

Zoku popsicle maker [epic fail]

Who here has heard of Zoku?
It's a super cool tool to make popsicles.  Once the tool is completely frozen, you can pour your popsicle recipe into the mold and it'll freeze in just 7 minutes. You can make 9 pops total (3 rounds of 3) before you have to let the machine re-freeze. Pretty cool right?

Well, it would be, if I could get it to work. I borrowed this one from my co-worker, since I wanted to test it out before pulling the trigger on a $40 novelty kitchen appliance.
Here is my attempt at a popsicle.  I used a lovely yogurt and rose-water recipe, an Indian lassi kinda thing. The liquid tasted great, so I poured it in. Here are some images of D and my roommate K trying to get them out of the mold:

Literally the two of them were working on it for ten minutes (while using the nifty lifter tool it came with, which just wasn't working). They eventually moved it to the floor to get more leverage, to no effect:

I was laughing too hard to help. I've consulted the website, and maybe I used too much or too little sugar, and/or too much or too little "fat" (they can't be too icy). Interesting. It makes plain juice popsicles wonderfully, but I need to work a bit more to get a good yogurt pop.


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