Thursday, September 20

bachelorette party time [winery tour]

Never filled you all in on J's bachelorette party the other weekend, but I have some cute pictures I wanted to share.

J's maid of honor, her best friend from high school and college, moonlights as a party planner (or, that is, she should), so even the details were lovely and coordinated. We met early morning, but thankfully had our coffees in hand and our nails did.
The plan for the day was a surprise, so J had to un-scramble the letters to figure out what we were doing. Of course this was accompanied by a hilarious poem about the day's adventures. We did a tour of three wineries in the Hudson Valley, and used the Little Wine Bus company. They do a lot of parties like this, and you could tell- the bus was decorated, there were giveaways for the bride and party, lunch and snacks were provided at all the stops, and we could play our own music and movies (Bridesmaids, anyone??)
Once she knew where we were heading, it was time for snacks and drinks (breakfast and mimosas). We had the cutest coffee cups with "I'm with the bride" pins to wear, which everyone tactfully filled with a drink for the bus. I thought this was the funniest: we poured the coffee out of the bags, refilled it with mimosas, and popped it in the coffee carriers. That's intelligent imbibing people.

I have a ton of fantastic and fun photos of lovely ladies, but until I'm a big enough deal to just assume everyone wants their face associated with my brand, you'll have to wait. I do have a gorgeous picture or two of the vineyards, though- it stormed hard enough for us to lose power at the bar, but earlier in the day we enjoyed this loveliness.

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