Thursday, September 27

Wedding Gawker (kiss your lunch hour goodbye)

Friends, don't ever underestimate the many ways your personal and professional life will mingle. I am the dumb employee and distracted bridesmaid who put a very significant work event 2 days after  a very significant personal event. Not my best.

In the work mayhem and wedding wildness, I didn't put a post together for today. Sad face. If you need a way to waste the work lunch, take a look at Wedding Gawker. It's like Pinterest, but specifically for weddings. It isn't curated, but you can customize your own viewpoint by looking at most recent, most "favorited" in the last week, most popular ever, randomized, and so on.

Take a look, and wish me luck. It's wedding only from 1:30pm on.

In other news, do a sun dance for us...although, J ordered black and purple umbrellas to be prepared, and I'm psyched about the prospect of recreating this gorgeous shot:

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