Tuesday, September 11

Remember September

A pause in regular programming to show respect and honor the memory of those touched by the events of September 11th. If you are in the area, the Pentagon is showing large-scale art created by children who lost family members in the attacks. From the NY Daily News:

The exhibit is part of the Pentagon’s tour for visitors through the end of 2012, and includes art pieces created by more than 500 children at America’s Camp.

The summer camp was held for 10 years in Massachusetts to support victims’ families. It included children of executives, police, firefighters and others from New York, Washington and elsewhere.

Artistic Director Traci Molloy says one piece, “The Features of the Phoenix,” is inspired by mythology. The phoenix rises from the ashes to live again. Its feathers include images of hundreds of parents.

Hard to believe it was over a decade ago, no? I've heard people say that this is my generation's "where were you when Kennedy was shot" scenario, and I think there's some truth to that: no one is going to be quick to forget.

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