Friday, September 14

Link Up.

Hi there. It's Friday- yay! I'll be seeing a Broadway play and dining out at the Plaza Hotel this weekend (c'mon story toppers, give me your best shot). If you're not as busy as I am this weekend, I'm compiled a little light reading/viewing for you below. Enjoy your Friday link up, and I'll enjoy Phantom of the Opera (swoon).

Three classic cocktails from the lovely ladies at a Beautiful Mess: a sidecar, a manhattan, and a mint julep. I think they all translate well into fall. I'll be experimenting with simple syrups, particularly of the herbal variety.

The newest edition of Sweet Paul magazine is out- can't wait to enjoy this with a pumpkin spice latte over the weekend.

For all you twilight fans...and even you twilight haters. Maybe more for you.

Super gorgeous suite of wedding printables from lovestruck. Looks like she designed and printed them all herself. Wow, I hope I can do that much when I'm getting married.

This article spurned a good deal of debate among my family and friends, who are very educated in American history. Your turn to weigh in: in a mass knife fight to the death between every American president, who would win and why?

Cheers ya'll.

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