Wednesday, September 12

Make a living or a life?

My friend K sent around a New York Times opinion article entitled "What Work Is Really For". I would have preferred it to be longer, but it was still an interesting piece that can certainly spark some good conversation.

What is work for? I mentioned it in my one-week-early-Father's-Day-post, where I discussed the perhaps un-deserved (or at least over blown) veneration we show for those who "live their passion", in that it discounts those who work hard at jobs that may not be their dream position. I think that ideally, your work is in direct relation to your passion; hopefully, your work is enjoyable and provides you with a life style you value; at the minimum, it's better than unemployment. The article quotes Aristotle in the idea that work can be an "instrumental good", or an activity that is maybe not good in itself but is good for what it allows, provides for, makes possible, or achieves.

Give it a read, and let me know your thoughts. This quote below is sort-of a paraphrase from the article, that I hope to someday be able to make true.

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