Friday, December 7

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Does anyone else think life is passing far too quickly? Here we are and it's Friday again.

For your funny video viewing, check out this hipster thanksgiving from Harvard's comedy troupe, or College Humor's latest, a Nickelback parody for instagram. I've literally taken every picture they describe.

so cool.
Ever been jealous of the amazing apartments owned by characters in your favorite TV shows? I thought this was a great idea for a post: explore the believably of some of the most famous televised homes of all time (Carrie, Liz Lemon, Seinfeld, Monica...)

what do you want more: the closet or the things inside it?
Our Sunday flag football team has been phenomenal this season: we're heading to the semi-finals and, hopefully, the finals this weekend. We're having the team over to celebrate after; if I have time, I'd love to make this cheesy jalapeno pull bread- it just screams football snacking to me.

too easy to make, and probably too delicious!
I don't consider tumblrs to be blogs. They're not. They're curated photo albums, sure, but they aren't blogs. I use to think they were a bit pathetic, but I've cultivated a respect for those that are really well done, such as Modern Hepburn. I want to meet the curator, because the images give such a strong and defined feeling, I'm sure she (he?) would be a very deliberate, thoughtful person.

I bet her butt is cold.
I may have to start watching Parks and Rec, because this interview with Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) was the funniest thing ever. And I don't even "get it" the way a viewer certainly would. It's comic genius, and it's so spontaneous! Seriously. Go read it.

I'm already giggling.
We have Christmas parties, a date night to see Lincoln, a visit to Baltimore, and hopefully a big W on Sunday for our football team. Have a great weekend and see ya'll on Monday!

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