Monday, November 12

Affordable Art

D and I have a lot of art in our room. From cute in the closet (working on it) and over-sized and over the bed to DIY state love printsbible quotes and paint chips, we love it all (jesus I post about art a lot more than I realized). Art is important, people. It defines a space. It communicates far more about you than the type of couch you buy, the sheets you use, or the lighting style you prefer. I think your preference in art is highly personal and very communicative, and should be cultivated and curated throughout your life and your home.

I've been wanting to add some flora and fauna to our space, and thought I would share with you some works I've found, ranging from $10 to a smidgen over $200. In my opinion, art makes a wonderful present, as long as you know the person well enough to be able to guess what they'd like to look at every day of their easy task. On second thought, gift cards are nice. is a go-to, and I assume most of you are already familiar with their ever-growing stock. The simple colors in this fine art print keep it grown-up, and I like the melancholy feel and haphazard design. Plus, it's $12. I mean really? There are a few similar prints in this series, which I always appreciate- a line of them horizontal or vertical could be stunning and sooo inexpensive.

Room For More I, $11.99
Lets move to good ol' Etsy. This piece by Kevin Inman, cubicle-man-turned-California-painter, is a nice abstract oil painting. Not crazy about the pink and blue, but that's the beauty of Etsy- you can easily and appropriately commission your own versions. This one is just $85. I wouldn't mind some persimmon roses on a deep royal blue or plum.

Pink Rose, $85
This print by Bella Foster is just gorgeous to me. I love abstract florals (Lulie Wallace is my phone AND computer background), especially with a bit of black or moody blue to cut the sweetness. You can get prints from Wayne Pate, signed by the artist, for just a little over $100.

Bella Foster, $115
Speaking of my darling Lulie, I'm smitten over this 11x14 acrylic on wood painting, Flowers for Carson. For an original painting, I don't think the $225 price is unreasonable. Personally, I'm waiting to send her an image of my bridal bouquet, as her commissioned work is so meaningful and personal. I just really love those pops of red.

Flowers for Carson, $225
Hope you enjoyed my fiscal climb through the fine arts today! Do you have a favorite? Do you prioritize art, or does it fall by the wayside?

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