Friday, November 9


Mixin up my Friday routine here people. 5 things that I'm inspired to pin, for your viewing pleasure.

I think this wallpaper, in small doses, is pretty incredible. Maybe lining a pantry or in a butler's kitchen? I'll admit that the wallpaper plus dried flowers plus floral fabric is a bit much for one room, but sometimes I like things overstated.

From the house of I can't see how this kind of art works anywhere but in a closet. 
Or, you know, at the house of Dior.

Baked pumpkin fettuccine alfredo over at How Sweet it Is? Don't mind if I do!

This is something I could see myself doing for my save the date, found at The Natural Wedding Company. It's the vibe I'm going for, communicates some quirky fun while still being graphically clean and fresh.

How I feel every day of my life.

Have a pinteresting weekend everybody! I have a Fall Feast to attend (omg recipes coming soon, once I've sampled the fare and deemed it the best meal ever), a brewery tour to drink my way through, a flag football double header to win, and hopefully some Bond, James Bond. Updates via Twitter and Instagram, obvi.

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