Wednesday, November 14

Discover [Snail Mail my Email]

Guess what?

Ivan Cash, a pretty cool designer, is reviving his "snail mail my email" project! Simply email his team of artistic volunteers from around the world a short message (100 words), and they'll turn it into a work of art and send it out.

For one week only (Nov. 12-18), we invite you to type an email message to anyone— family, friend, secret crush, or congressional representative— and email it to us. After you hit send, we'll handwrite your message and post it via regular mail to the recipient of your choosing, for free!

It truly is THAT super easy and super cool. Opt to include something special- a spritz of perfume, a lipstick kiss, a coffee stain, or an add-on from your own imagination. There's even an interactive letter map to show you where letters are coming and going to and from, and a gallery of letters that have already been created.

I'm a big fan of the written word- I send letters regularly (mainly to older family), though I don't get many responses. I'd love to have a good friend or two that love letters as much as I do that I could force to be my pen pal. There's the design aspect- the tactile pleasures of good paper, the intimacy and personality of handwriting, the innovative and charming stationary available. But really, it's the content- you're never going to send a written letter that constitutes a to-do list, a catalog of your recent movements, an "update" of epic boringness. In my experience, if one is writing a letter, one is sharing something of value, be it an idea, an expression of emotion, a memory. Letters are packets of identity and character, delivered to your doorstep and welcoming you deeper into the life and heart of the sender.

So get on it! If you can't think of anyone to send it to, my mailbox has been lonely lately :)

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