Thursday, November 8

bag it up [wishlist volume 1]

Is it too early to be dreaming of Christmas presents?

I am actively trying to focus on buying less quantity, focusing on more quality. Do I really need 20 so-so skirts, or do I need 5 that are well-made and fit like a glove? It's hard to stick to, but by focusing on superior items for all material goods (clothes, makeup, home furnishings, food), they'll go farther and be more satisfying. 

In the spirit of high-quality items, then, here is my current wish list. Having a list of dream products also keeps me from making impulse purchases- sure, those H&M shoes are only $20, but that leaves me $20 further away from the $300 boots I want. Are you with me? Let's get started.

Who doesn't need a french press? Seeing this brassy number from Bodum every morning would wake me up as much as the caffeine.
Most Beautiful French Press
If you travel as much as i do, maybe you wouldn't consider this such an overly-indulgent-mother's-day-esque gift...cashmere eye mask. Arlotta makes this $34-version of cashmere and silk and comes in this beautiful soft blue, but this $50-version is 100% cashmere, the the gray on white stripes are sweet.
Speaking of cashmere, what about cashmere-lined leather gloves? So many brands design leather gloves that it might be worth waiting until the late winter/spring to purchase. The Coach basic glove is beautiful and durable, and sold at Macy's (where you can take advantage of great holiday sales). Love the contrast trim on this pair from Ted Baker.

Coach Basic Gloves- classic & timeless
I've shared my adoration of this Lo & Sons bag before, and think it may be time to pull the trigger. I believe there's a 20% off coupon if you sign up for their emails, and I have 25% off thanks to LearnVest. Might this be my present to me??
THE Stylish Commuter's Bag
Who doesn't need a few good kitchen appliances at the holidays? All the baking and cooking forces you to take inventory and dream of life-easing tools. I have a few friends who are doing alternate research for me, but really, is there any substitute for the Vitamix. I realize it's half a grand, but you can find brand new versions for $250 on ebay.

Too bad D and I have decided to take it easy on the present-giving this year, as I clearly have big eyes. I'm hoping this means meaningful and sincere presents- my favorite kind. Without a doubt my best gift to D was his bar cart last year...gotta get working now if I'm going to top it!

What are you wishin' and hopin' for this year? (Coincidentally, Wishin' and Hopin' is a hilarious Christmas-themed novella from my fave author, Wally Lamb. Check it out.)

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